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Photozig Albums Features
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Get in control of your pictures - Manage your photo albums like the pros

Digital Photo AlbumsDigital Photo Albums

Unlike some other programs, instead of traditional folders (or directories), Photozig Albums has a database of digital photos, grouped into photo albums, which speeds up and proved more features to manage your precious shots. Digital photo albums are similar to paper photo albums, and contain photos related to a certain theme or taken in the same time period. By organizing your photos in albums, similar to real life, you avoid the clutter of photos being scattered around different folders or sub-folders. It is so much easier when photos are organized in albums!

Automatic album creation

When you transfer photos from camera or other devices or scan your computer for photos, albums are automatically created for you.

Better organization tools for photo albums

Organizing your album collection has never been easy with advanced tools provided by Photozig Albums:

  • Different album views: list, cover, and timeline
  • Different cover album sizes
  • Album preview: shows content (first photos) before opening the album
  • Sort: photo date, album date, name, backup CD, web, and count
  • Filter: dates, tags, favorites, last seen, and album name

Album Quick FindQuick Find

Press the "Quick Find" button in the Albums screen, start typing an album name and a selected list of albums with that name will appear automatically. The list is refined as you type more characters. It is that easy and fast to find an album...

All My Photos (Browse, Search and Find a lost photo)

As photo albums are created by Photozig Albums (during transfer photos or scan computer), all your photos are "indexed" by the program in a database. By doing this, you can see all your photos in the same screen, allowing you to sort, filter and browse all your photos at once! You can also search and find a particular photo in your whole collection easily by using Quick Find for Photos in All My Photos. As you start to type the photo title or file name, a list of photos will appear automatically, which is refined as you type more characters. You can also use powerful sort/filter features to help you to find a particular photo.

Favorite Albums

See your favorite photo albums at a glance.

Photo Basket

Temporary selection of photos from different albums. Useful to apply the same function to photos of different albums at once.


Advanced and easy ways to manage your photo tagsPhoto Tags

Photo Organization

  1. Different views and sizes: lists and thumbnails
  2. Sort: file name, title, date, file size, dimensions, and custom
  3. Filter: tags, media type, file name, title, description, date, and dimensions

Album Navigator

In the Photos screen, you can have the Albums Navigator on a left panel, allowing you to jump from album to album quickly. Album up and down keys also enable you to move to next/previous album easily.

Photo Navigator

In the Details screen, which shows the full photo, you can have the Photo Thumbnail Navigator in the left panel, so that you can select a particular photo quickly when looking at a full size photo. Photozig Albums provides an unprecedented level of ease of use, efficiency, and speed to view, enhance and organize your photos.

Browse Folders

In order to help users moving from traditional folder use to organize photos, as you may have already photos in folders, Photozig Albums provides two powerful features:

  • Browse and work with folders: You can browse your photos in folders and perform common operations such as editing, photo title/description, email, send to web, etc.
  • Scan your computer for photos and creating multiple albums automatically.

When browsing photos, you can "convert" a folder into an album, i.e. create an album with the photos of that folder. Photos are just indexed, but not copied to save disk space.

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