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Photozig Albums Features
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Web / Blog

Share online and let your world see your best shots and lifetime experiences

   Send photos to web and create web photo albums

Single albums, multiples albums, selected photos, and images from folders can be sent to the Internet. Photozig Albums automatically creates web photo albums for you. In the sending process, you can sort the photos, choose album cover, name and description.

Don't spend the whole night sending photos to the Internet

Photozig Albums automatically resizes your photos and send small files to the Internet. Unlike some other web services that send bulk images online, this program takes care of saving your time with small image files, so you don't need to let your computer running the whole daily or evening in order to send pictures to the Internet.

Email album link    

Photozig Albums has a integrated system to notify your family and friends that your photos are posted on the web. You can enter selected email addresses, define/choose a group of people or import email addresses from Outlook/Outlook Express. A link to your online photos can be sent to your family and friends seamless when you are posting photos to the web. This way will avoid sending bulky emails with attached photos. When your loved ones receive the photos, they just have to click on the link to see your web photo albums or photo album blogs.

Blog your life in pictures

You can send your photos to the web in a photo album blog format, sharing your most exciting experiences with your family and friends.

Web site theme

Different themes are available in Photozig Albums. You can choose the best web site theme for your pictures in the web.

Photo story

Title and descriptions of your photos can be sent to the web in a format of a photo story with titles/descriptions shown with photo thumbnails. It is like telling a short story with a sequence of selected photos.

Modify web photo albums after they have been sent to the web

Unlike some other web photo sharing, after you sent a photo album to the web (and emailed the link to everybody), you can modify the web album: add or remove photos, change photo title/description, album name/description, web theme, etc.

Private Albums

You can post private albums online, which are not linked to any page in your home photo album and protected from standard web crawling search robots. Only you, your friends and family that have received a special url link will be able to view your private online photos.

Show the Big Picture

You can also send 800x600 photos, so that your loved ones can see an image with more details.

Free Photozig online service to post photos

This service is free and personalized (you can choose the look and feel of each of your albums with web templates). You get your own photo web space at "".

Send to your own FTP or local folder

If you run a web site, Photozig Album can also send your photos directly to your FTP server. Publishing in a local folder is also supported, so that you can easily use another program to send the generated web pages or post it in a network for Intranet use.

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