iCare Program

Online training for dementia caregivers on how to cope with caregiving, reduce related distress, and improve the quality of life of caregivers and loved ones.

iCare Materials

DVD and Handbooks for the iCare program for helping caregivers of individuals with dementia to overcome stressful situations in their caregiver role.

CWC Dementia DVD

Developed in partnership with Stanford University, tailored for Chinese families (in Chinese language), and distributed by the Alzheimer's Association.


Personalized Reminiscence Video with pictures and music to improve mood and behavior of patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementia.

Healthy Hearing

Program to improve healthcare knowledge, promote healthy hearing, and prevent noise-induced hearing loss (under development).

Latino Caregiving

Educational telenovela for Latino family caregivers (in Spanish ) with caregiving training, dementia resources, and tools (under development).