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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Operation



Slideshows and Screensavers

Music and Movies

Backup and Restore / Storage

CD and DVD

Operating System, Installation, and Update

Other (more FAQ)


Basic Operation



Slideshows and Screensavers

Music and Movies

Backup and Restore / Storage

CD and DVD

Operating System, Installation, and Update

Other (more FAQ)

Basic Operation


Where are my photos? In which folder are my photos stored?

If you transfer photos from an external device (digital camera, scanner, memory card, CD, etc.) your photos are stored in the Photozig Albums Storage Area (the default location is the folder "Photozig Albums" inside "My Documents", although you can change it in "Options" of "Home" screen). If you scanned your computer for photos or created an album with photos already stored in a folder of the computer hard disk, these photos will not be duplicated and will remain in the original location. If you select "Advanced" level in the "Home" screen, you will be able to right-click on a photo in "Photos" or "Details" screen and select "Show Photo Info", which will tell you where exactly that photo is stored. In regular use you will not really need to know the location of the photos, as the program will allow you to do most operations directly with your photos.

How can I save a photo after editing?

After editing, your modified photo is automatically saved by the program. You do not need to spend time to "Save" or "Save As" your edited photo. The program keeps your original and modified photo in different locations, and you don't have to worry about it. You can always see your original or modified photo quickly, by selecting "Original" or "Modified" in the selection box at the top of "Editing Tools" panel on the right side of the "Details" screen.

Does the program always keep the original photo?

Yes. This is done to protect your original photos. You can always see your original or modified photo quickly, by selecting "Original" or "Modified" in the selection box at the top of the "Editing Tools" panel on the right side of the "Details" screen.

Can I change the names of all photos of an album at the same time?

Yes! In the "Photos" screen (click on the "Photos" tab to go there), press the <Control> and <A> keys at the same time to select all photos. Right-click on your mouse and select "Rename Photo Files". In next screen you can choose the format, prefix (e.g. album name or any meaningful description) and other options. The program will automatically rename all your photo files with an appropriate name and index number for you. This feature is active only in Advanced and Intermediate levels (which can be selected in the "Home" screen).

How to erase pictures from the memory card after they are transferred to the photo storage area?

After you transfer your photos from your camera's memory card to Photozig Albums, you can free up space on the card by deleting them. You don't have to use Windows Explorer to do that: simply go to the Home screen and click on "Tools" (under the "Extras" list) and then on "Erase Photos from Card".

You'll have options to either erase only photos that were transferred to the system or erase all of the card's contents. If you choose to erase all card's contents, make sure you are not destroying photos you'd wish to keep!

What happens when I erase an album?

Each photo exists inside an album. However, all photos can also be viewed (and modified, deleted, etc.) in the virtual album called "All My Photos".

"All My Photos" is a virtual album because it contains photos from other albums, and it doesn't own the photos. In fact, it contains photos from all your real albums at once.

So, when you erase an album, its pictures will also go away from All My Photos. Please, don't expect the photos you erased to somehow remain in there.

How can I see those warning messages again?

When you see a warning message that has the "Do not show this again" option at the bottom and you opt for not showing again, you sure can have it back at will:

1) In the "Home" screen, click on Options
2) Click on the Show Hint Dialogs button.

After confirmation you'll see those warnings again, when appropriate.




How do I sign up for the free web photo album service? How do I get a Photozig account?

Signing up is easy and we recommend that every Photozig Albums user do it to share photos with friends and family. This is the easiest way, and you only have to do it once. And it is free! So, here we go...

To sign up:

1) Click on "Web service to post photos" on the main screen (under "Extras")
2) Click on the "Sign Up Free" button

After you fill in the required fields and click the OK button, you will receive an acceptation email with a link that you'll have click to finalize registration. Notice that you'll need Internet access and a valid email for the registration to work.

Once that is done, your account is ready to use in the website. Enjoy!

Can I share my web album with only people I select?

When you send your albums to the Internet with the Web Albums wizard, at a certain point you can choose to make the web albums private.

When you create a private web album, here is what happens:

1) It will not be included in the list of albums of your personal web page. So, for instance, if you are sending your photos to server and your user name is johndoe, people will not be able to see your private album if they browse to Only non-private albums will be visible in there.
2) The album's location on the Internet will be complex and people will be extremely discouraged to type the link manually; and it is virtually impossible to memorize the album link.

So, the only way to allow access to a private album is by sending an email with the link, using the program.

However, if your friends decide to forward the email to other people, there is nothing we can do. So, make sure your friends know that the email is not supposed to be forwarded!

I removed a web album but it did not disappear from the website.

Some web browsers may have cache operation, which stores a copy of a web page and images in the local computer storage. If you remove a web album, but it still appears in the web site, try to refresh your web browser (usually by pressing the <F5> key), when looking at your web albums.

Can I get a full resolution picture posted in the Photozig web site? What is the “Request Original Photo ” in Photozig web site?

Unlike traditional online photo sharing, Photozig web service allows you to obtain original full resolution pictures from your friends directly to your desktop. When you are looking at pictures in the Photozig website, there is a button "Request Original Photo". By clicking on this button (and performing a login when prompted by the system), you will request the full resolution photo. Your friend will be notified by email about your request with instructions to send the original photo through Photozig Albums. After that, you will receive an email with instructions to download the original photo using Photozig Albums directly to your desktop, or through a link provided by the email. This process protects the owner of original photos, as he can authorize or deny a request. In addition, only requested originals will be uploaded, saving internet bandwidth and upload time for the provider of original photos.

How do I send photos to the Internet and email my friends?

This is one of the main strengths of Photozig Albums! On the "Home" screen, click on "Send to photos to Web" and follow the wizard instructions (that is, select the options on each screen and click the Next button at the bottom).

If everything works as it should, at the end of the wizard you will have sent the chosen photos to an album on the Internet and also sent an email to the people you wish should see your photos (sending this email is optional, and you can send it later whenever you feel like).

Notice that Photozig Albums automatically reduces the size of the photos that are sent, so you won't waste too much time waiting for endless uploads, and the email that is sent has minimal size (it is just a link to the web album). This is certainly very appreciated by dialup users.

Warning: we have seen people using the Email wizard to send photos to a group of friends. We don't recommend that operation, since the emails can be very large and will annoy your friends... we strongly recommend that you share your photos as web albums. Sending via email is recommended when the recipients requested large versions of the photos, suitable for printing. In that case, fine! However, never send large emails to people that didn't ask (this bit of "netiquette" is sure appreciated by your peers).

How can I easily transfer the pictures from my camera to my computer and send them to the web quickly? What else is possible to do in this process?

1) Download and install the Photozig Albums program

2) To capture photos from digital camera, memory card (recommended), or computer hard disk, click on “Get Photos and Make Albums”. There are other ways to get photos into the program, such as drag/drop pictures from Windows Explorer to a Photozig Album (“Photos” screen of the program) or Copy/Paste (pasting into to the “Photos” screen), browsing a folder and [Create Album from Folder] and others, but “Get Photos” is the easiest.

3) Click on "Send photos to Web" in the “Home” screen (that is the first screen that appears when you start the program). You will start a wizard, which will give you options, and guide you through the process. Select the desired option in the middle area of the screen, and click on the [Next] button in the bottom to go to the next step. If you don’t know what option to choose, just click [Next] and the program will use the default options, which should be ok for most cases. When the wizard asks to “Select service to connect to”, choose “Photozig Website” and click [Next]. In the next screen, in the next screen click on [Add…] and enter your username and password.

Photozig Albums allows you to do much more, you can organize your photos in your computer efficiently. The program has many features (learn more) and helps you through the whole process.

(See a complete flow of getting photos from camera to the web with optional steps)

I have 2 accounts with photozig. how do I access any of my accounts in different computers?

You can access both of your accounts in a different computer to send pictures to the web, or receive photo originals from your friends that you have requested when watching their pictures, and other online operations.

To access an account in a different computer using Photozig Albums software, you just need to enter your username and password, when prompted, during an operation related to your account.

You can do most of online operations with the same account in a different computer with Photozig Albums software installed, such as email photos (using Photozig direct email service), view links of your web albums, send links of your web albums to friends, and remove web albums. However, it is not possible to modify a web album with pictures that are stored in a different computer.

I tried to create a Photozig account to post photos, but I got a message “Unable to connect to database. Please try later”. Is this a proxy problem?

Your computer may use proxy configuration to access the internet. This is quite uncommon at home, but might happen at work, as some companies and organizations require proxy configuration for its computers. In any case, Photozig Albums does support proxy operation. If your computer needs proxy, open Photozig Albums, click on "Options" in the "Home" screen and select the "Internet" tab. In the "Proxy Settings" area, you can configure proxy manually or using a central script provided by your organization.

Another possibility for this error message ("unable to connect") could be your firewall, which may be blocking Photozig Albums, when it tries to access the Internet. In this case, please try to configure your firewall program (e.g. Windows Firewall or McAfee Security Center), allowing Photozig Albums to access the Internet.




How does the e-mailing program work? Does it hook up with microsoft outlook to look for e-mail addresses or do they have to be entered manually?

You can send photos by email, through different ways, which includes Photozig Direct Server (no configuration is necessary, except signing up for the web service, which it is free), Outlook Express, Outlook, and SMTP server (e.g. from your Internet Service Provider). You can enter emails manually (only once, the program keeps a list of your emails) and create group of emails (e.g. family or friends). There is also a possibility to import your list of emails from Outlook Express or Outlook.

Can the program import addresses from AOL address book?

Sorry, but Photozig Albums only imports addresses from Outlook or Outlook Express.

Can I use Eudora to email photos?

Unfortunately not, Photozig Albums supports Photozig Direct Server, Outlook Express, Outlook, and SMTP. However, some MAPI email programs or services may also work well with Photozig Albums, if properly configured.


Slideshows and Screensavers


How can I create a slideshow?

Photozig Albums allows you to create slideshows with music that play on your computer (Click "Slideshow" on the Photozig Albums Home screen for more information).

You can share these slideshows by burning a CD or DVD that will play in a computer running Microsoft Windows (Click "CD" on the Home screen).

Furthermore, you can create web album slide shows and send e-mail messages with links to these web albums, but the web album slideshows do not have music or transitions (Click "Send photos to web/email" on the Home screen).

To learn more, please see the knowledge base article "Creating Slideshows":,1,11

Does the slideshow with music work with a DVD player on TV?

The CD or DVD you create in Photozig Albums (all Photozig Albums products Express/Deluxe/Premium) is not a DVD Video or Video CD and will not play on a DVD player.

Some DVD Players will display the images from the disc created in Photozig Albums, sometimes only the pictures and sometimes pictures and music depending on DVD player, however that is a feature that some DVD players have.

How do I create a screensaver?

To create a screensaver, click on "Share," select "Create screen saver" and click "Next."
Follow the on-screen instructions to create your personal screensaver. 
To learn more, please see this knowledge base article: "Creating Screen Savers (screensavers)"


Music and Movies


How do I import and use music with Photozig Albums?

All music in Photozig Albums is managed through the "Sound Tracks Manager." On the Photozig Albums home screen, click on "Music" (bottom left side, under Extras).

To learn more, please see this knowledge base article "Importing and Using Music with Photozig Albums":

Is it possible to use music from iTunes with Photozig Albums?

Yes, if the music is in unprotected mp3 format. In most cases, protected music in iTunes format can be copied to a CD and imported to your computer in mp3 format, which can then be used by Photozig Albums. Please see the following two articles for more information:
"iTunes Store and Photozig Albums",1,5

"Importing music from iTunes to Photozig Albums",1,5

Why can't I play a movie with Photozig Albums?

Photozig Albums is capable of organizing your movie clips along with your pictures. However, since it relies on Windows Media Player(r) technology to play movies, only movies that can be played by it will be played with Photozig Albums.

Furthermore, at its current version Photozig Albums supports AVI, WMV, and MPEG movie formats, so if your camera generates other movie formats you will have to wait for future versions of Photozig Albums.

Let us know your needs. Use the Contact Us button at the top right corner of the program to enter your wishes.

Why can't I get the movies from my camera?

If you attach the camera directly to the computer to get the photos, depending on the camera brand its photos will only be available to Photozig Albums with certain limitations.

Photozig Albums works best if your camera exposes its photos to the computer as a disk drive (for instance, drive E:\). If that is not the case, you can still get the photos through the more limited (yet nearly universal) TWAIN interface.

Limitations when using the TWAIN interface to get your photos:

1) The photos lose the date, time, exposure, flash, file name, etc. information that would otherwise be available and may be stored out of their order

2) You cannot extract the movie clips stored in the camera

We are currently researching ways to circumvent those limitations.

Suggestion: We strongly recommend that you use a card reader to transfer the photos to the program. A card reader is a small device that you attach to a USB port of your computer, and then you can get plug the memory card from the camera into it. By doing that, Photozig Albums will get all the photos and movies without missing any information! Many new computer models are factory-shipped with card-readers replacing the good old floppy disk drive!

Backup and Restore / Storage


I am trying to restore albums but can't find them.

When you backup your albums to a certain folder (not a CD), you sure can restore those same albums from that location into the same or another computer.

When you are prompted to select the source to restore from in the restore wizard and click on From Folder, select the same folder that you used to backup.

For instance, if you selected to do a backup of some albums to the folder F:\, then you should select that same folder when you restore. If in the destination computer the folder has a different letter, use the new letter. The albums you back up will be in sub-folders (for instance, F:\Album 1[23], etc.). However, don't open the folder to locate it for restoring or the program won't be able to find it.

How can I transfer my photos from one computer to another?

Sooner or later we all upgrade our computers, or decide to share some albums with other people. To do that, use the backup feature of the program:

1) Backup your albums to a location accessible to the target computer
2) On the target computer, restore your albums from that location, and you are done!

You can either use backup to CDs or backup to a folder; for instance, a removable USB drive or an external hard drive are great ways to do this operation.

I bought an external hard drive. Can I store my pics in it?

You sure can!

On the main screen of the program ("Home"):

1) Click on "Options"
2) Click on the Storage tab (at the top of the box)
3) Click on Change Storage Folder...
4) On the new box, click on Change... to select your new hard drive

Before you click Ok, you should decide: do you want to move the photos you already have to that location? If so, check the box "Move photos from old storage(s) to new storage". If you don't check it, fine. Only new albums you create will be located in the new drive.

Notice that when you check that box, only photos that were copied from removable media are moved: photos that were already in your local drives stay where they are.

One more thing: if you remove the external hard drive with your photos, you still can see the thumbnails (that is, the ones you have already browsed with the program). You won't be able to see (or edit) the full sized photos.


CD and DVD


Why can't I burn a CD with the program?

If you are sure you can burn CDs with your computer and Photozig Albums is unable to do it, here are some possible solutions:

1) Users of Windows that do not have administrator rights can only use CD burning features of the program if they ask their computer administrator to install an “ASPI” driver (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface). An example of publicly available ASPI driver can be found in the Adaptec website.

2) If you are an administrator of your computer, we suggest that you click on the Contact Us button at the top-right of the main screen and send us a post reporting the problem. By sending a post from the program we get extra information that helps us analyze your case.

How do I copy pictures or albums to CD?

There are two options for creating CDs: "Copy albums to CD" or "Backup albums to CD."

The copy to CD feature is best for when you just want to create a CD to share with friends or to take to the Photo store to make prints. You select pictures to copy to the CD.

The Backup utility is best suited for backing up your pictures and keeping track of pictures you've backed up. You select the albums to copy to the CD.

To learn more, please see this knowledge base article "Copying pictures and albums to CD"

Can I create a slideshow to play on a DVD player and TV?

Photozig Albums allows you to create slideshows with music that play on your computer (Click "Slideshow" on the Photozig Albums Home screen for more information).

You can share these slideshows by burning a CD or DVD that will play in a computer running Microsoft Windows (Click "CD" on the Home screen).

Please note that the CD or DVD you create in Photozig Albums (all Photozig Albums products Express/Deluxe/Premium) is not a DVD Video or Video CD and will not play on a DVD player.

Some DVD Players will display the images from the disc created in Photozig Albums, sometimes only the pictures and sometimes pictures and music depending on DVD player, however that is a feature that some DVD players have.


Operating System, Installation, and Update


Do you have any plans to support OS X / Unix / Linux platforms for PhotoZig Albums in the future?

Right now, Photozig Albums is only available for Windows. Other operating systems might be supported in the future depending on market demand. If you would like to have Photozig Albums in a different platform, please let us know, by sending an email to with the subject line "Desired OS: xxxxx" (where xxxxx is the desired operating system).

The program keeps telling me that my system is low in resources (Windows 98 or Windows Me). Why?

This is related to the way the resources are managed in Windows Me. Photozig Albums require a minimum level of free resources to run properly. However, there might be some other programs running in your system (even in the background) that consume such system resources. When Photozig Albums is running, it will measure the resources of your computer and will tell you if the system resources are low. Although you can continue to work, running out of resources may cause your computer to crash. To avoid this problem, we recommend to upgrade Windows XP or close all programs in Windows Me, before starting Photozig Albums.

When I tried to install Photozig Albums (Windows XP – logged with limited account), I got an error message. What should I do?

If you are installing Photozig Albums software in a computer with Windows XP, you need to log in as a “Computer Administrative” user before starting the installation of the software.

I was not able to do a “Smart Update”. How to enable this function?

Smart Update requires Internet access. First, please check if you have Internet access by opening a web browser. If you computer has a firewall, you may also need to configure it to allow Photozig Albums to access the Internet, otherwise the program will not be able to do a "Smart Update". Another possibility for Smart Update not working properly is proxy configuration, which may be required if you are inside a company or organization. To configure proxy, click on "Options" in the "Home" screen, select the "Internet" tab, check the box "I connect to the Internet through a Proxy Server" and click on "Configure Proxy" to provide proxy configuration settings obtained from your IT manager.

How can I check for program updates?

Yes, here at Photozig our development team is putting extra effort to ensure the Photozig Albums program is free of problems. However, we all know that software is indeed subject to quirks and problems. We do our best to keep the program as trouble-free as possible, so every now and then we release a new build of the program.

To get the latest and greatest build of Photozig Albums is very easy: click on the Smart Update button on the home screen and follow the instructions. You will need Internet access for this feature to work. After the update is complete the new build of the program will be up and running in no time.

Warning: some firewall or anti-virus programs may complain that the executable (pzAlbums.exe) was changed right after the update, or at the next time you try to access the Internet with the program. This is normal, since the update operation does modify the executable. Please tell the firewall or anti-virus that it is Ok to allow Photozig Albums to do what it is trying to.


Other (more FAQ)


Where do I find more information?

We recommend that you check our knowledge base articles at:


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